A chronic disease program that actually achieves the triple aim

COPD is a major health challenge

COPD afflicts over 30 million Americans and is the 3rd leading cause of death. It's also tremendously expensive, with the majority of the cost coming from hospitalizations for acute exacerbations. With no silver bullets coming on the horizon, COPD management is a critical part of reigning in healthcare costs in the US.

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Direct Medical Cost of COPD in the US

Pulmonary rehab is effective, but grossly underutilized

If pulmonary rehab were a drug, it would be a blockbuster. It reduces hospitalizations by 39%, mortality by 28%, and improves health related quality of life and exercise capacity. Despite these benefits, each year only 2% of COPD patients who would benefit do any pulmonary rehab.

The incredible under utilization is due primarily to access issues. There are only about 800 accredited centers, each with an annual capacity for 40-80 patients. Additionally, difficulty with transportation, daytime only hours, and copays add more barriers to utilization.

Despite reducing COPD hospitalization rates by 39%, center-based pulmonary rehab programs reach only 2% of COPD patients who would benefit each year.

Bringing the benefits of pulmonary rehab to the home

Noho gets your members the access they need to one of the most effective COPD interventions there is. Our at home system parallels center-based programs and features one-on-one coaching, peer group interactions, personalized plans, fitness guidance, education, and symptom tracking.

As part of the program, we capture objective biometrics and self reported symptom data. The built in accountability helps overcome barriers to remote monitoring engagement. Intelligent alerts help empower care management teams to reach out to members at the most impactful moments.

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Members follow personalized programs from home.

Improved outcomes & Quick ROI

The best part, because our activity program is in the home, Noho costs a quarter of what traditional center-based pulmonary rehab costs. Additionally, since pulmonary rehab has been shown to dramatically reduce hospitalizations in the year following program completion, we deliver ROI more quickly than other chronic disease management programs.

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Assumes a population of 10,000 members with COPD, 8% enrollment rate for Noho, and equal reduction in hospitalizations

How it works

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1. Identify

Noho collaborates with you to identify potential participants using eligibility files, medical claims or other patient history. Use an in house strategy or our analytics to target members by COPD hospitalization risk.

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2. Activate

Noho operates a turnkey strategy to activate members using best practices across multiple communication channels.

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3. Operate

We operate our outcomes-focused, research-driven program. We can operate as a completely independent solution or integrate tightly with your care management team.

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4. Measure

Noho tracks every engagement metric available, including micro-utilization of our platform. Critically, we measure outcomes using a quasi-expiremental study design.

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