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Take control of your COPD. At home.

Noho is a platform for living better with COPD. We combine one-on-one coaching, fitness guidance, education, and symptom tracking with an intelligent health monitoring system.

How it Works


1. Download Our App

Download the Noho app and we’ll start by asking you some introductory questions. These will help us build your personalized program.


2. Meet Your Coach

Your coach is your partner in enabling you to meet your goals. You will have weekly catchups by phone to make sure you are happy with your program and remain on track!


3. Meet Your Virtual Cohort

You are not alone! Your coach is only part of your Noho team - you will be part of a group of other Noho’ers called a cohort. Your cohort will support you (and you will support your cohort) on your journey!


4. Follow Your Program

You engage with your program from 2 to 5 times a week - it’s up to you to determine your frequency. As part of your program you’ll be physically active and educationally engaged using our content.

A simple tool to help you stay well

Easy to follow

Login to Noho 3-5 times per week and easily follow along with the program by completing tasks.

Personalized programming

Watch engaging and personalized education videos to help you manage your COPD. Follow along with fitness videos tailored to your level and goals.

Scheduled & On-Demand

Check in with your coach during scheduled weekly phone calls or text any time you have a question and your coach will follow up quickly!

See if you're eligible

Fill out a short form to see if you can get Noho for free!