Reduce COPD hospitalizations

Empowering people with COPD to take control of their symptoms and stay out of the hospital.

Direct cost of COPD in the US alone
Proportion of total COPD cost due to hospitalizations
Reduction in hospitalizations following pulmonary rehab
Proportion of patients who have done any pulmonary rehab in the last 12 months

Noho brings the benefits of pulmonary rehab to the home

Noho is a digital home-based program that features weekly check-ins with a respiratory therapist coach, personalized assessments, goal setting, critical education in a digestible format, fitness videos, and activity tracking. Our mission is to reach more COPD patients and help them live better with their condition.


A program based on
clinical evidence

We believe in building a program based on rigorous scientific evidence. Noho is designed by pulmonologists, respiratory therapists, and experts in behavior change coaching.
Cost Effective

We address the massive gaps in access to pulmonary rehab by providing it at home. Participants improve their quality of life, exercise capacity, self efficacy, and stay out of the hospital- all for a fraction of the cost of traditional pulmonary rehab.

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We use motivational interviewing to collaboratively set goals, clear barriers, and create accountability. On top of that participants go through the program in cohorts that further support and encourage each other.

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Data Driven

Our data allows us to use a multi-parametric algorithm to estimate the risk of an exacerbation. This increases the power of care management teams, allowing them to further drive down hospitalizations and improve member quality of life.

How Noho Helps